Most Requested Topics

The following can be tailored for parenting seminars, women’s retreats, student events—whatever best serves the occasion.

Instilling Sex-Related Values in Teens

Empowering parents to inspire teens to choose sexual integrity

Laura provides parents with the inspiration and tools they need to confidently and effectively address issues surrounding pornography and sexual temptations with their teens. Parents learn how to discuss sex-related values in a way that generates heartfelt convictions.

Beginning the Path to Purity

Equipping parents of preschoolers, elementary-age, and preteens

Parents learn why it’s crucial to address issues surrounding sexual morality early on, even when kids are too young to learn about the mechanics of sex. Mom and Dad discover how to go about laying a solid foundation of purity on which they can build throughout the teen years.

Sexual Integrity for Life

Empowering adults to live in victory over sexual addiction

Laura tactfully and lovingly addresses the elephant in the Sunday School room—many Christians battle addictions to pornography and illicit sexual behaviors. There’s hope and healing for singles and couples, whether suffering from addiction or intent on maintaining sexual integrity.

Free to be Me

Winning the invisible war against the soul (the inspiration for Laura’s novel, The Delusion)

Journey beyond superstition to discover the truth about unseen spiritual activity, including how daily decisions activate invisible forces and affect each person's destiny. Discover how to overcome oppressive thoughts, emotions, and habits and experience the fullness of freedom in Christ as an individual, family, and church community.

The Grace-Filled Life

The key to living in victory over addictions, obsessions, and stale Christianity

God's grace is one of the most misunderstood, underutilized concepts among Christians, causing many to flounder and become frustrated in their faith walk. Discover what God's grace is, what it is not, and how to experience grace as a daily reality as opposed to a far-off doctrinal theory.

Laura adjusts presentation topics to accommodate specific requests. When audience size allows, events can include an engaging time of “Q and A” if desired.