What others are saying...

"Laura Gallier is an effective communicator. She tackles the tough and often controversial issue of abstinence education with wit and insight." Michael Ridgeway
Focus on the Family
Senior Associate Editor
"Laura Gallier has been greatly used by God to communicate a critical message in a crucial season in American history. We have benefited at Champion Forest Baptist Church as Laura has conducted parent workshops for our members. She has also connected with our students on a personal level to convey the purity message that brings honor to God and lifts up the standard of morality. Her books have been a tremendous blessing as well to all.

I highly recommend Laura to you. She will add value to your group, team, church or event. She speaks effectively in Baptist churches as well as across denominational lines to impart truth with clarity, conviction and compassion." Dr. Stephen Trammell
Executive Pastor
Champion Forest Baptist Church
"Laura Gallier is not your typical FCA speaker as she is not a high-profile athlete... I can tell you without hesitation, the gamble to try something different paid off in a very big way! The students were locked in on every word as Laura shared her very relevant testimony and how her faith in Christ and personal commitment changed her life from defeated to victorious! I highly recommend Laura as a speaker and as a sister in Christ to speak at any venue or event." Bob Highly
FCA Area Director - Permian Basin
"Laura has a clear, compelling message to parents and students alike. We recommend her to every parent at Lake Pointe Church for insights on how to discuss purity with their adolescent son or daughter." Kurt Bruner
Pastor of Spiritual Formation
Lake Pointe Church
"I have spent many hours talking with Laura, reading her books, and have heard from her heart the passion she brings to the important subject of purity. Her particular skill comes with her unique connection of bringing the responsibility of purity right to the doorstep of the parents. Simply put, she is relevant and authentic yet powerful and dynamic. You will love her." Denny Pattyn
Silver Ring Thing
"Laura’s story blended with her honesty and spiritual foundation to help our students, even some who are not believers, to connect her message of sex and faith together! Her heart to see students embrace purity, coupled with her love for Jesus, communicated His goodness to all who had a chance to hear her on a campus that is less than embracing of traditional Christian values." Andy Dennis
Director, Baptist Student Ministry
Rice University and The Texas Medical Center
"We were privileged to have Laura Gallier speak at one of our recent PTA meetings. At our request, Laura’s presentation was non-faith-based, and the topic was “How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex.” She reinforced why, in today’s sex-crazed culture, it is more important than ever to have these sometimes awkward but vital conversations with our children. She had facts that could not be ignored. Laura was engaging, honest, and encouraging, giving us valuable and practical tools to use. We highly recommend Laura to share her insightful message with any group." Leann Newton
PTA President
Memorial Middle School
"Our sexual purity series has been phenomenal for our Student Ministry team, and the addition of Laura’s parent talks took that to a new level for us." Jeff Skipper
Student Ministry Pastor
Champion Forest Baptist church
"Laura shares from her heart with a genuine interest for both the parent and the student. Her talks are biblically based and practical which provides a unique combination of wisdom and relevance for her audience. The timely issue of purity in our personal lives and culture needs addressing with these characteristics, and Laura does it very well." David Upchurch
Associate Pastor to Young Marrieds
Champion Forest Baptist Church
"Laura’s honest and open sharing of her own story connected with both parents and students. She is a dynamic speaker and applies biblical principles to the difficult topic of teenage purity and sexuality in a way that teens can relate to. We have also had small groups of parents use her materials, and they found them extremely informative and helpful." Larry Womack
Senior Pastor
Copperfield Church
"Parents who participated in Laura’s workshop gave raving reviews, not only of the material presented, but also how equipped they felt to have sex-related discussions with their kids. Laura has proven to be both theologically sound and excellent in communication skills. I highly recommend Laura as a church resource for parent training, student ministry speaking opportunities and purity conferences." Robert Jackman
Family Pastor
The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch
"Laura gave a fantastic presentation to our Fellowship of Christian Athlete (FCA) students. I could tell by the way they intently listened that they truly appreciated every moment. I would highly recommend Laura to any middle school or high school to speak to their FCA audience. That said, her audience could definitely extend beyond the FCA population. All students would benefit from her presentation." Ann Moritz
FCA Sponsor
Hamilton Middle School
"We just hosted Laura’s parent workshop entitled "Beginning the Path to Purity: A workshop for Parents of Elementary-aged Children." Laura was so awesome. She has a great passion and is an amazing presenter. I was a little unsure of how our parents with young children would respond to her message. Everyone went away so convinced of the importance of teaching our youngest children about God’s plan for marriage and relationships. Laura equipped our parents to be intentional about teaching God’s plan for purity at an early age without having to get into the mechanics of sex. She has so much to offer every parent. One of my parents wrote: "Whether you have a 4-year-old or 24-year-old, everyone can benefit from what Laura had to say." I am already getting requests from our parents to have her back soon." Ingred Lathrop
Director of Children’s Ministry
Christ United Methodist Sugarland
"I had the privilege of meeting Laura Gallier when she spoke at St. James Lutheran School in Chicago. As an expert and author in her field, Laura drew interest, not only from our school community, but also the surrounding neighborhood. Laura is an excellent speaker. She has an amazing ability to combine statistics, medical data and biblical principles with humor and passion. Her thoughtful approach provides the much-needed tools for teaching premarital sexual abstinence. Laura truly has a gift in communicating. I highly recommend inviting Laura to speak at your next program." Steve Cortes
Fox News Commentator & member of St. James Lutheran
"Laura is one of the most effective speakers we’ve ever had on the topic of abstinence. She has the amazing ability to connect with people of all ages and stages of life. She presents a message of truth that is filled with hope and encouragement without any guilt or shame attached." Josef Klam
Pastor of Student Ministry
Chapelwood United Methodist Church
"Laura Gallier is unashamed of the gospel and proclaims the truth of Christ in a compelling manner that engages all agaes. She came to Concordia High School to encourage our students and promote her book, 'The Delusion.' Our students were blessed to have her here, and her talk created great conversations between the students as they contemplated the battle that wages all around us." Ryan Neuhas
Spiritual Life Director
Concordia Lutheran High School
"Laura came and spoke at our Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) huddle in front of about 250 students, and she was able to capture their attention and hold it as she discussed a topic that students in middle school and high school definitely need to hear. Talking inside of a public school about sex, abstinence and God’s design for family and relationships can be a tricky subject, but she was able to communicate in a way that stayed appropriate and to the point. We would love to have her come speak again in the future." Coach Blake Coleman
FCA Sponsor
Spillane Middle School
"Gifted, relational, personable, factual. These all describe Laura Gallier and the ministry for which God has called her. She has been given an amazing ability to relate the simple truths of God’s Word in relation to purity both clearly and convincingly, as well as lovingly and honestly. She joined our ministry for the first time this summer, and we were amazingly blessed." Dan Brown
Executive Director
LIFT Ministries (lift4life.com)
"Recently we were blessed to have Laura and her daughter come spend the afternoon talking with our ninth through twelfth grade girls at Midland Christian School in Midland, Texas. I am so glad God blessed our girls with the chance to hear Laura speak. She covered the subject of sexuality and sexual struggles with a strong Christian backing. I was so pleased how she delivered this information and with the questions submitted by the girls. They too felt comfortable to ask questions that I feel they may never have asked in any different setting. If you have a chance for your group of teenage girls to experience Laura’s message, I highly recommend that you do it!" Kathi Hutton
Campus Ministry
Midland Christian School
"We are grateful that Laura came and spoke to our Fellowship of Christian Athlete (FCA) students. It was a powerful message that students need to hear. We want her to come back next year." Coach Jeff Surovick
FCA Sponsor
Goodson Middle School
"Laura Gallier is an absolute treat. She speaks the truth in love and humility, and can capture the attention of any audience. Tough messages about sex and dating are sometimes hard to digest, but Laura brings the truth in a way that is honest and palatable, with a dash of humor and abundance of joy! I am positive that your church or ministry will be blessed by her presence." Summer Galloway Hoovery
Grace Fellowship United Methodist
Senior High Discipleship Director
"Thank you for what you do! Your book was exactly what we needed to get where we are today. You are a true blessing to the youth and the church." Jim Petter
Youth Pastor
Real Life Ministries
Pearland, Texas
"Laura brought a very clear message that really engaged our students. It was evident that she has a passion for teenagers and that God has gifted her to communicate about purity." Scott Condict
Student Minister
Sagemont Church
Houston, Texas