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The Delusion SquareTHE DELUSION (Series Book #1)
Christy Award Winner! High school senior Owen Edmonds is an eye witness to the shocking truth behind the suicide epidemic at his school. Journey with Owen and decide for yourself: it’s only fiction… right?
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The Deception SquareTHE DECEPTION (Series Book #2)
A supernatural visitor tests Owen’s ability to discern truth and lies as his town is rocked by abductions. Discover real-life applications throughout as Owen struggles to learn who he can and cannot trust.
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The Defiance SquareTHE DEFIANCE (Series Book #3)
As the battle between good and evil culminates in an epic standoff, Owen comes face-to-face with his own longtime demons. Like each of us, he’s must make the decision of a lifetime: will he face his fears or run?
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4 Freedom Square

4 FREEDOM is a Bible study inspired by truths woven into Gallier’s novel, The Delusion. Ideal for teens and adults, group or individual study. Complete in four weeks or 16-week pace. Dispel lies with truth about God, ourselves and others.
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Free to be Me SqaureFREE TO BE ME is a nine-week online course Laura facilities with Dana Grindal that empowers men, women and teens to overcome self-sabotaging thoughts, emotions and behaviors, no matter how debilitating.
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Unashamed Series SquareUNASHAMED is Laura’s four-session video series for parents and teens offering compelling biblical insight regarding today’s most pressing sex-related issues and choices. Find healing and hope. Includes outlines and discussion guides.
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Blessed in Bedroom Square

BLESSED IN THE BEDROOM is a six-session online course facilitated by Patrick and Laura Gallier that empowers married couples to maximize intimacy and sexual fulfillment. Includes personal reflection exercises and guided conversations and prayers for couples.
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Path to Purity SquareBEGINNING THE PATH TO PURITY is a parent-preteen discussion guide (digital/printable) that lays a vital, initial foundation for biblical purity on which parents can build and expound throughout the teen years.
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Do Not Look SquareDO NOT LOOK INSIDE THS BOOK is a quick read book (digital/printable) that warns against the pitfalls of pornography. Ideal for 9-years-old and up, even adults. Includes parent-child discussion questions that can serve as personal reflection questions.
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